Restaurants & Bars

LBD orders are taken and filled on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.  No orders are filled or picked up on Wednesdays or Saturdays.  You can order below or email your order.  The email address for LBD orders is:



effective 8-20-14 online ordering has changed 

please follow instructions below


1.  Fill out blocks below for:

LBD Business Name

Ordered By

Telephone Number

2.  Enter Code Number and Number of Bottles

You must enter in the exact format shown below:


(you must include the hyphen (-) between the code number and the number of bottles)

  3.  When your order is complete, scroll to bottom of form and press the submit button.  After submitting the order, wait and then scroll back up for confirmation that the order was sent.

If you use more than 20 codes, just submit and then go back and make an additional order